Our Hosting Solutions

 We provide on request Hosting Solutions for our web build clients only.

This is an added service for clients requiring hosting, server and site maintenance packages and ongoing site management on their behalf.

Our Hosting Solutions  We provide on request Hosting Solutions for our web build clients only.

Everything You’ll Need

Cloud SSD Storage

Top-grade SSD drives in redundant RAID 10 hot-swappable arrays for maximum performance. Cloud infrastructure allows us to increase server resources on-the-fly without downtime. 

TurboStack Performance

On top of blazingly fast SSD hardware we install Nginx (with fastcgi_cache). Apache with HTTP/2 sits behind the reverse proxy and serves sites on PHP 7 FPM with OpCache. We also install Railgun, MariaDB, Redis and Memcached to accelerate your website. 

Fully Managed

Fully managed means you can treat you like a high-powered webhosting account. We take care of all the software updates and upgrades to keep your server secure and stable. We also monitor all services and proactively attend to any reported issues. 

Advanced Server Caching

We employ a multi-tier backup policy to protect your data. Your data is backed up daily to our external backup cluster and these backups can be managed from within your Plesk control panel. Clients can also take manual disaster recovery “snapshots” for free. 

Full Technical Support

Our support team is available to you to undertake any task or troubleshoot any issue. If you need assistance with anything just contact us! To say we go the extra mile is quite an understatement. 

Proactive Monitoring

Most people aren’t server administrators and are not available 24/7 to monitor their server. This is why we monitor all the services on your server and proactively restore services if they fail to restart.

Malware Scanning

All fully managed servers are deployed with a malware scanner that runs daily. If malware is found it is quarantined and you are notified by email. We also offer Imunify360 as an addon service which comes with its own malware scanning.

Mod Security WAF

ModSecurity, sometimes called Modsec, is a popular open-source Web application firewall (WAF) built for Linux systems. We install ModSecurity with the AtomicCorp Basic rule set which protects against SQL injections, remote and local file injection and XSS attacks.

System Administration

We provide very real and complete Management for your server. This means we do all the system administration tasks. This includes keeping the kernel, OS and all software up to date. 

Providing You Reliable Uploads, Downloads, & Backups

We Give You the Stats You Need to Optimize User Experience

We Make Security & Privacy One of Our Top Priorities